FLUX Corporate Values


Simplifying technology

We live in a world where technology exists to make things simple, yet is difficult to use effectively.

FLUX helps businesses optimize their use of technology to provide the best business outcomes.


Realize Your Potential

We believe that the value we provide our clients is maximized as each team member strives to achieve their full potential.


Quick and Small

Speed matters, but only if it's effective. We aim for a balance of seeing the big picture and identifying what's important with moving quickly to accelerate learning.

Critical Thinking

There's a staggering amount of information out there, and it takes context to separate fact from fiction and bias from perspective. We encourage healthy skepticism and constructive debate.

Be Open

Whether it's success or failure, problem or solution, it fails to exist without open and frank communication. We strive for an open culture where people feel comfortable saying anything, while taking responsibility for their comments.

Leverage The Team

A team is only a team when it works together to overcome each individual's weaknesses. We pride ourselves on strong teaming and a culture of coming together to solve big problems.

Learning Loop

There's nothing wrong with having problems. Our team is committed to learning from each problem we solve to create a feedback loop of constant learning.